Indoor Air Quality Testing

Air Quality testing is one method for determining the fungal environment in your home or property. Air sampling provides detailed information regarding the types of mold spores in your home or property and in what concentrations they are found. MoldGone inspectors use state-of-the-art equipment to collect and analyze air samples for mold remediation. After samples are collected, they are sent to an independent third-party laboratory for analysis. This ensures that results are accurate and that the chain of custody has been unbroken. You, the customer, receive a detailed report from the laboratory that is easy to read and understand. Our typical air testing service includes three indoor air samples.

MoldGone is a full service mold/air inspection and mold removal company working out of the Maryland, Virginia and DC Areas. Over a decade of experience has led us to be a top performer in the industry. We have employed the most professional and friendly staff to get mold out of your house and let you move on with your healthy life. Are you looking for indoor air quality testing near DC? Let MoldGone give the inspection to make your home healthy for you and your family.